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Latest Covid-19 Vaccine Updates for foreigners in Shanghai

Latest Covid-19 Vaccine Updates for foreigners in Shanghai

According to Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, Shanghai city has introduced the Covid-19 vaccination date for foreigners in Shanghai.

Since March 29, 2021, based on the principle of “informed, voluntary, self-funded and risk-taking”, the city has included the right age group of foreigners in Shanghai in the coverage of the domestic vaccine (marketing phase).

Foreigners who want to get vaccinated in Shanghai can register for vaccination online through the app “health cloud”(健康云 jian kang yun). Currently, the Covid-19 Vaccine used in Shanghai is produced in China, and two doses are required for the whole process. Foreigners who have participated in China’s social security enjoy the same treatment as other Chinese citizens. The uninsured foreigners are vaccinated at their own expense, and the cost is 100 RMB / dose.

The way to make an appointment is as follows: from March 29, scan the QR code (attached) to enter the “Health Cloud”(健康云 jian kang yun) platform for foreigners in Shanghai and fill in the information on the Covid-19 vaccination service page. 

After the successful appointment, you will receive SMS confirmation with detailed information about appointed time and location. Please bring the permanent residence card of the People’s Republic of China ID or the passport and valid residence certificate per instruction.

The consent form and exemption obligation must be signed before vaccination at the designated vaccination site, according to the procedure, personal protection must be well carried out, and the health condition must be actively communicated, and the professional staff must determine whether the vaccination conditions are met. 

Please pay close attention to your health condition within 14 days after vaccination. If there are serious side effects, please go to hospital immediately for treatment.

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