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Our Core Services - 6 Steps to start your China Business


We provide company registration services in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, including bank account assistance, licensing services, business license modification and legal consulting and others.

International Trade

Ebusiness Prime offers end-to-end solutions for global trade, including customs declaration and licensing, warehousing and logistics management, VAT export refund service, as well as setting up e-commerce trading solutions.


We provide product sourcing, supplier identification and pre-qualification, proposal management, supplier negotiation facilitation, quality assurance management, and logistics and financial management for smooth operations.

Brand Management

We support international brands in their China market expansion, develop commercial business strategies, identify suitable local business partners (licensees, distributors, JV partners), act as TP and DP, and provide marketing solutions in Chinese social media and advertising channels.

Accounting & Taxation

Our company specializes in business tax registration, monthly tax filings of VAT, IIT and CIT, annual audit reports, payroll and benefits management, corporate bank account management, strategic tax planning and refunds, and high-level CFO services.

HR Services

Our expertise includes employment law and compliance consulting, payroll and benefits administration, contract drafting services, employee onboarding and offboarding management, labor dispute resolution assistance, and employee training and development.

Our detailed, effective, and highly efficient approach is tailored to your business challenges.

We address your unique business challenges through careful analysis, innovative thinking, and an unwavering commitment to your success.