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What to know about the May 1 ebike regulations besides helmet?

What to know about the May 1 ebike regulations besides helmet?


“The regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the safety management of non motor vehicles” will be implemented on May 1 this year.


It is required to wear a safety helmet when driving and riding E-bike;


When driving a non motor vehicle, it is not allowed to make or answer phone calls or browse electronic devices by hand;


It is stipulated that electric bicycle drivers should not honk the horn too many times or  for too long;


It is required to turn on the lights when driving the E-bike at night or other low visibility conditions, including but not limited to fog, rain, snow, dust, hail.


It is stipulated that non motor vehicle drivers are not allowed to travel with animals following on leash.  Additionally, it is not permitted to transport people or objects. 

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Content source: Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress

内容来源: 上海市人民代表大会


Translated and edited by our editor 小编翻译整理  

 This is not an official source.  For official regulation, please refer to the government website.


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