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Do we need COVID vaccine passports to travel?

Do we need COVID vaccine passports to travel?

Against the background of the continuous spread of Covid-19 in many countries of the world, the COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ is currently being introduced. 

The COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’  is a documentation proving that the traveler has been vaccinated or have immunity to COVID-19.

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The introduction of the COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ greatly facilitates the safe movement of persons across borders. 

On March 17, the European Commission launched the “digital green certificate” (also known as the “vaccine passport”), which contains the COVID-19 vaccination status that member countries are expected to implement. The EU hopes this will encourage the passage of people during the COVID-19 period.

The European Commission said the “digital green certificate” is free. It includes the certificate of vaccination, the certificate of detection of the new coronavirus and the certificate of rehabilitation after infection with the COVID-19. 

It also contains the encrypted two-dimensional code and the electronic signature to verify the identity of the holder. It is issued in the official language and in English of the respective EU Member States and can be printed out in paper form.

European Commission President Frederick von draen said that the purpose of the certificate is to help member states reopen their social economy and promote the passage of people.

This digital certificate will ensure mutual recognition of relevant data information on the certificate among EU member states. The purpose of introducing this digital certificate is to help member states restore freedom of movement in a secure, accountable and trustworthy manner.

“Digital green certificate” is also known as “vaccination passport” but it has been avoided in the official documents of EU. The reason is that the “vaccination passport” is not a real passport, but a kind of documentation to prove to other countries that travelers have been fully vaccinated.

It was reported this week that China may be working with other countries in the world on the issue of access to relevant facilities (visa application, entry-free quarantine) for vaccination.

Passengers who have received a ‘vaccine passport’ may be exempt from mandatory isolation when they return home.It is expected that by August, more than 60 countries and regions in the world will recognize each other with China’s ‘vaccine passport’.

The mutually recognized ‘vaccine passport’ will greatly facilitate the return of overseas Chinese.

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