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Business Chinese Workshop Series Episode #1

Business Chinese Workshop Series Episode #1
Chinese is really hard! Even native Chinese speakers find it is rather challenging. 
Social media plays a significant role in Chinese vocabulary development. Although English is already the main language of communication in most companies, it feels less cordial and more distant when dealing with Chinese customers in China. 

With years of experience running their businesses in China, this Business Chinese workshop series will feature a group of Chinese entrepreneurs who share their experiences in understanding Chinese business culture and work ethics.

You will learn 20 practical Chinese business phrases and the cultural context behind them so that you have a complete understanding of the Chinese mindset and what topics you should never bring up to make your business journey in China go more smoothly!

This workshop series is designed for those who have basic Chinese language skills and want to understand how to work well with Chinese professionals and also excel in professional development in China. Also for those who want to learn more about the art of negotiation and the philosophy of Chinese business culture and start their business in China.

This Business Chinese Workshop Series Episode #1, “Learning Business Chinese and etiquette through the eyes of Chinese Entrepreneurs”, we invite Natasha Fang, founder of Tolmao Group to lead this workshop Episode #1.
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